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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Begging calls heard at Delco Raven Nest Site

Glen Mills Quarry (Entrance Restricted)

Early this morning on the way to the Bridle Path I stopped by the vantage point that allows a look down on to the structure that holds the raven nest in the Glen Mills quarry. The nest itself is not visible from this point.
As I approached the edge of the cliff two ravens flew up from below in pursuit of a red-tailed hawk soaring high overhead. They disappeared and nothing happened for about 10 minutes until a raven flew in low from behind my right shoulder. It floated down & entered the structure. I then heard calls that could only have been begging calls of ravens. They were deep hisses similar to what I have heard from turkey vulture nestlings but then raven-like elements became discernible at the end of the hisses. After the adult left the nest the calls continued briefly and died down. It certainly sounded like more than one bird was begging.

This is a busy quarry and we have failed in one attempt to gain repeat access to view the nest but will try again. Hopefully we will be able to document when the birds fledge.

David Eberly

Raven flying to nest site

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