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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunday Rick and I went to Governor Printz park and sat and ate lunch, saw Osprey, cormorants, Canada's and immature Eagle, then decided to go see what if anything was at the retaining ponds by the new FEDEX bldg there in Tinicum. FEDEX isn't up and running yet, so it was rather quiet, which will change when the facility opens up shortly but for now it was peaceful. The ponds were rather shallow so there was quite a selection - Canada's, mallards, yellow legs, plover (semipalmated I believe) and killdeer to name a few. 


Monday after the downpour we wanted to go back to see how much water was there and what birds had stayed. The ponds were full and only the killdeer, Canada's and mallards had stayed. We proceeded to drive around to view the Delaware River by UPS but ended up seeing Terns and Gulls sunning in the UPS parking lot. Think they were Caspian Terns(adults and immature), a couple immature Herring Gulls and of course, Ring billed. After we got home and downloaded the pictures we realized one of the terns had a leg band with the letters 'ACY' on it. I tried looking up to report the band but the Fed site says their bands are all numbers and that it probably is an auxiliary marker. It suggests just sending an email to ''  with the info, so I will.

                                                                   Sharon West

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