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Monday, February 27, 2017

Photos from Florida Feb 2017

A large spider that I didn't want to be near
      Instead of writing a narrative about our trip I thought I would just post some photos from the first two days in Florida and maybe later right another blog post about the rest of the trip, or not.
Muscovy Ducks

River in the park where the Bananaquit was located

Me looking for Eider on Key Biscayne with Miami in background

Young Brown Pelican

Crandon Park Beach - missed the Western Spindalis in this park


Some kind of pink flower

Close-up of Sandhill Crane

White Ibis

Royal Terns refusing to be in profile mode

Another beach shot

Another Peacock

Lunch break on day two in the Florida Keys with outdoor dining obviously

Same restaurant - had Frigatebirds flying overhead

Key Deer with tracking collar
      These deer are actually just a subspecies of White-tailed Deer. They are about the size of a large Greyhound. Dog not bus.
And one with one antler

A bar where everyone hangs a dollar bill on the ceiling

Great Blue Heron (White morph) - Key West

Ruddy Turnstones on Key West

Key West Sunset - not the best

Walking the streets at night in Key West

Hey Carl, is this for real. Enjoying Conch Sandwiches

F5 fighter training over Key West.

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