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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Recovering America's Wildlife Act

          I have written and sent an email to my U.S. Representative in congress to request that he co-sponsors the Recovering America's Wildlife Act H.R. 4647. I have attached a copy of the wording that was sent in the email hoping that you will copy the letter and email it to your representative. If you don't know your representative's email address you can find it here:

          Letter is below and thanks for your interest:

Please co-sponsor the Recovering America's Wildlife Act H.R. 4647, which provides dedicated funding for proactive conservation measures that will secure the long-term future of all fish and wildlife.

The conservation funding would not come from new taxes, but rather from a portion of existing annual leasing and royalty revenues from federal lands and waters. It would complement effective existing programs and provide the states, territories and the District of Columbia with desperately needed financial resources to effectively implement their Wildlife Action Plans and conserve the thousands of species at greatest risk through collaborative, proactive efforts, rather than more expensive and often litigated emergency room measures.

I urge you to create a bright future for America's wildlife and rich natural heritage by putting your full support behind the bipartisan Recovering America's Wildlife Act H.R. 4647.

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