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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Anna's Hummingbird in Newark, DE

Anna's Hummingbird - notice pink gorget feathers
     This morning I had the pleasure of visiting a home in Newark, DE to view the newly discovered Anna's Hummingbird. I was hoping I wouldn't have to wait too long to try to get some photos. I walked around the back of the house to where the feeders were and heard a voice welcoming me, but I looked around and couldn't see anyone. Finally I noticed the owner up on the patio welcoming me. He said to come on up, but as I was climbing the stairs, he told me to stop. The hummer was right in front of me, so close I couldn't focus my binoculars on it.
Notice short bill and white tail feathers
      After backing off a little I could view the hummer. Then I proceeded to get closer again and started taking photos and videos. Notice the hummingbird's heavy appearance.  Also the short, straight bill and the neat rose-pink gorget which is diagnostic for Anna’s. The belly area is gray, as is the crown. The video I have also has the high pitched calls on the recording. The homeowners are inviting guests to come see the hummer. The address is 257 Delaplane Ave in Newark, DE

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