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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grebes, Grebes and More Grebes

Memorial Lake Outflow
     After hearing about the spectacular grebe show going on at Memorial Lake in Lebanon County, I decided to head there to check it out. Upon arrival, I did a quick glance out into the lake and I immediately found a few Horned Grebes. Setting up the scope and scanning revealed some birds across the lake. They turned out to be Pied-billed Grebes and a large raft of waterfowl, including Ring-necked Ducks, one Am Wigeon, lots of Coots and Gadwalls, plus both species of Scaup. 
     I decided to move over to the dam area where the viewing was better. Walking down to the water's edge I spotted the Red-necked Grebe.  He was very actively feeding, diving and surfacing with a fish in his bill.
Red-necked Grebe
      After watching him for bit I looked to my right and there was the Western Grebe just floating around minding his own business, not seeming to be out of place at all. What the heck is this guy doing in PA?

Western Grebe   
       One more grebe to go, the Eared Grebe. This guy proved to be a worthy opponent. I had to circle the lake twice to finally find him. Nick had told me that he was difficult to find because he hugged the shoreline. But I finally was able to get a good look at him and a few photos, but unfortunately into the sun.
Eared Grebe
Alert Horned Grebe and resting Western Grebe

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