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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hudsonian Godwits at JohnHeinz Refuge

Hudsonian Godwits
             I was birding in Bucks County at Pine Run Reservoir when I received a text message from Denise Hardtmann that there were Hudsonian Godwits at John Heinz Refuge in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, I couldn't race down there to see them since earlier in the day I had driven Sharon to a friend's house nearby and I had to wait to take her home. So it was around 2:30PM that I finally arrived at Tinicum and as I was walking from the parking lot I met up with Denise and she told me that the godwits were still present. She also saw the Anhinga soaring around about half an hour before. I headed down the trail to the platform and on the way met up with Todd Fellenbaum who pointed out the birds standing in the marsh. There were actually 4 Hudsonians and they were foraging quite closely so I was able to get some decent photos of the birds. I stayed for several hours waiting for the birds to take off and possibly fly into Delaware County but no luck. I left just before nightfall and it appeared that the birds were going to spend the night at the refuge so they might still be there tomorrow morning (Tuesday). It was a great find by Denise and they were nice to see again in Philadelphia Co. The last one that I saw there was in September 1986. 

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