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Saturday, January 2, 2016

eBird Analysis Report for 2015

Hi all

       I have made a simple analysis of eBird submissions from the past 5 years and you can see it below.

2015 Delaware County eBird Years in Review

***eBird Web Site ( for all kinds of data characterizations and how to join in if you care to do so. Except for the value of time and effort involved, it is all available free of monetary charge; allowing access to: review of data submitted from all over the world, rare bird alerts, feature articles, personal lists from life lists to specific area lists, and a venue for contributing to a data-base of world-wide submissions in a "Think Globally, Act Locally" manner.

***Species reported for each month for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015; year total for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015; and All Time totals for each month and year for all years combined back to earliest entry from 1900:
2011:      J-077, F-071, M-083, A-134, M-140, J-100, J-078, A-119, S-098, O-128, N-089, D-092, Y-211
2012:      J-081, F-080, M-084, A-134, M-135, J-098, J-084, A-102, S-124, O-146, N-084, D-086, Y-216
2013:      J-084, F-079, M-098, A-130, M-147, J-087, J-102, A-109, S-129, O-113, N-087, D-098, Y-214
2014:      J-093, F-089, M-100, A-135, M-155, J-098, J-099, A-112, S-123, O-130, N-097, D-097, Y-220
2015:      J-081, F-081, M-104, A-150, M-152, J-112, J-082, A-120, S-129, O-124, N-098, D-089, Y-223
All Time: J-144, F-135, M-149, A-219, M-233, J-152, J-151, A-185, S-229, O-224, N-178, D-173, Y-328

***Discussion via Bullet Points:

  • 328 species have been reported to eBird all time for Delaware County. No new species were added to the Delaware County eBird list since 2013 -  American Avocet.
  • 223 species were listed on eBird for Delaware County in 2015, 13 more than in 2014.
  • A new total species high count was set for 5 months out of twelve: March, April, June, August & November 2015and also a new yearly high was set at 223.
  • 100+ species plus having now been reported in eight out of twelve calendar months at least once,  leaving only the winter months November thru February outstanding.
  • 150+ species have been reported for just two months: April & May. October is the only other month which approaches 150, missing by only six species.
  • 63 species have been reported for Delaware County for every one of the 48 eBird bar chart weeks in a year.
  • The top 15 of 41 Delaware County eBird locations based on species diversity reported to date:

1.  John Heinz NWR-wetlands(Delaware Co) – 265

2.  Ridley Creek SP (IBA) – 202

3.  Delaware River-Ft Mifflin/Hog Island Rds- 199

4. Tyler Arboretum – 185

5. Ridley Creek SP--Bridle Trail – 178

6. Springton Reservoir (Restricted Access) – 178

7. Darlington Tract – 167

8. Crum Woods – 157

9. Big Bend Farms (restricted Access) – 139

10. The Willows – 137

11. Haverford College (Delaware Co)- 135

12. Rose Tree Park – 133

13. Crum Creek Reservoir –126

14. Thornbury Township Trail – 124

15. Chadds Ford Marsh – 123 & Hildacy Farms Natural Lands Trust - 123

Delaware County data sets for bar chart and other eBird status & distribution characterizations were greatly increased in 2015 by the record participation of birders by/for whom data was entered. Thank you to us all!

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